Versatile Wall Unit


Although this busy Manhattan mom’s three bedroom apartment is quite spacious, she still needed her living room to be able to function as both an entertaining/relaxing area, as well as her home office.  She wanted it to serve both functions gracefully, and be able to switch back and forth easily.

Hohl Home, working together with Nika Roback at Save Your Space Interiors, created this custom wall unit to do exactly that. 
Called the Chambers Wall Unit, this piece provides spaces for tv, and other electronics for living, as well as a desk and other office functions for work. The desk, printer, file drawer and other office functions all hide away neatly and easily behind a series of flip down doors making it easy to conceal the office clutter while entertaining.
By combining the functions of two rooms into one, the client’s home now feels more spacious and enjoyable; controls clutter and increases her productivity. 

  • Flip-down desk workspace with built in surface task light.
  • Easy-access pull-out printer shelf.
  • Glass display cases with built-in lighting.