Mini Bathroom

Living in New York City often means that one has access to everything imaginable except for -- space. That was certainly the case with our client's Upper West side apartment. Together with Andrea Brodfuehrer, we transformed our client's very strangely shaped and very very tiny bathroom into a quaint and organized space. 

As you can see in the before picture above, storage was a big issue for our client. The shape of the bathroom made it nearly impossible for her to find a cabinet that fit, so she ended up using simple, open shelves that got the job done, but certainly didn't make the most of the space. That's where we came in! We built her an elegant custom cabinet that fit perfectly into the oddly shaped nook and accentuated the charming wallpaper.

Do you have a small space that you are looking to make the most of? Let us know - we are here to help!

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