Kitchen Island on a Budget

This job was the epitome of high-impact, low budget. Our clients wanted to renovate their kitchen island without breaking the bank. They got in touch with us and we devised a plan. Our clients bought an inexpensive IKEA cabinet and we built in a slab of white oak with a simple matte finish and beautiful book-matched detailing. The IKEA cabinet was totally transformed, and so was their kitchen.

Note the beautiful pattern the book-matched wood makes.

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Mini Bathroom

Living in New York City often means that one has access to everything imaginable except for -- space. That was certainly the case with our client's Upper West side apartment. Together with Andrea Brodfuehrer, we transformed our client's very strangely shaped and very very tiny bathroom into a quaint and organized space. 

As you can see in the before picture above, storage was a big issue for our client. The shape of the bathroom made it nearly impossible for her to find a cabinet that fit, so she ended up using simple, open shelves that got the job done, but certainly didn't make the most of the space. That's where we came in! We built her an elegant custom cabinet that fit perfectly into the oddly shaped nook and accentuated the charming wallpaper.

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Convertible Cocktail Table

Part coffee table, ottoman, work table, and storage unit, this highly versatile piece of furniture allows our customer to make the most of the living room in his Manhattan apartment. Each of the four paneled sections pulls out, and can be flipped over to reveal either a solid mahogany surface or a plush leather cushion. While the panel is in its elevated position it is the perfect height to be used as a desk or an impromptu dining room table. Another major perk of the piece is its ample interior storage space. Our client told us that he often uses an elevated panel as a desk to work on his computer while his son lounges on the cushioned half and plays video games.

The Convertible Cocktail Table can be made to order in custom wood and upholstery. To see more of our creations, click here.

Charred Ash Wood Dining Room Table

It's hard to understand the full impact of this table from photographs. Nearly 4' wide and 7' long, and finished in jet black, this piece has a considerable and monolithic presence. The table was designed in collaboration with S. Lee Wright for a client in Manhattan. It features 3" thick blackened steel legs and a solid, 2 1/4" thick charred ash wood top. Despite its clean, modern lines and monochromatic black finish, the table retains its organic beauty: the charring process brings out the soft, intricate grain of the ash wood and adds richness to the piece. 

If you look closely you can see how the charring has created texture in the wood.

If you look closely you can see how the charring has created texture in the wood.

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Library Ladder

Playful and practical, this library ladder helps you get to hard to reach items on the top shelf so that you don't have to scale the furniture. The hand carved post is modeled to comfortably fit your grip, and will help you keep your balance as you climb. Once you're done with the ladder, it can be used as a casual chair to peruse your reading, tucked away in the corner of the room, or displayed as a piece of furniture. Surely, this is not a ladder that you have to hide in the closet. This particular piece features natural white oak treads and a red dyed maple frame, but it is available in custom woods and colors - we can work with you to create the perfect piece for your home or office.

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